Our Staff


Jarod Couch – Founder

The Oath was founded by Marine Veteran, Jarod Couch. Jarod, brings multiple years of event coordination experience, recently turning his focus to planning events for a variety of Veteran Service Organizations. Jarod’s experience in management in and out of the service combined with his unique skill set, including his outstanding networking skills, and his passion for serving his fellow Veterans, provide him the ability to effectively advocate for Veterans and their families.

Vice President

Jacob Romero – Vice President

Jacob has been a crucial asset in the event coordination that inspired this organization. Jacob, Marine Veteran, served with Jarod most of his time in service and introduced Jarod to the Veteran community and the resources it offers. Since then, the two have coordinated various events in the community and have built tremendous relationships. These relationships are the foundation of the entrusted network The Oath uses today. Jacob was an integral part of the founding and vision of The Oath and his dedication continues to inspire.

Community Coordinators

Jessica currently works in the northern Houston area and spends her free time with a group of Veterans she has become very close with, attending various events, and fundraisers for the Veteran community. When we asked Jessica what she’s most excited about seeing The Oath accomplish, here’s what she said: “I’m very hopeful to see The Oath help people make the connections they need to further their lives in the civilian world and enjoy a long happy healthy life here at home.” Bringing together Veterans, their families,    and their loved ones with the resources they need is  Jessica’s goal.


Jessica Fouche – Community Coordinator   


Dustin served for 7 years in the Army with a engineering unit, while in the Army he did 2 tours to Iraq, 2006-2008 and 2009-2010. Dustin’s mission with us really hit home when we asked what he was most excited to see The Oath do for the Veteran community. “I am pretty passionate about helping out vets, I know first hand how it feels to be in a dark place and to feel you have no one to turn to. We are trained our whole career to fight and kill, but when it’s time to get out, you’re on your own. I want to invest my time in making sure  Veterans know they’re not alone. 



Dustin Patton – Community Coordinator